Xenia Tartari y Fernando Capuzzi are two multidisciplinary artists who get together to create the Dj Capuzzi & Señorita X company. Fernando, circus artist specialized in socio-cultural animation; Xenia dancer and actress in musical theatre.

For the past ten years, the company is part of the circus field and street performing, presenting their shows and numbers (in duo or solo) in all kind of festivals and events in different cities of Argentina and Europe.



Fernando Capuzzi is a monitor in leisure and recreation, who discovers busking and circus in 1998, while watching a street performance. Therefore, he decides to train himself in circus skills in several circus schools in Argentina (Centro cultural Rojas, Escuela de Circo Criollo, Escuela de circo La Arena) till he enters  the Escuela de circo de Carampa, in Spain. His first street show takes place in the Parque del Retiro in 2001.

Back in Argentina, he specializes in aerial techniques, working as a flying trapeze catcher at the Cirque XXI in Buenos Aires (2001) and at the Silver Circus in Australia (2004).


Combining his carrer in leisure and recreation and his experience in the circus field, Fernando has created and performed in street shows and circus acts, alone in duo or troupe for almost 20 years, working in all kind of events and festivals all around the world.


Xenia Tartari starts tap dancing in 1991. In 1997 she enters the Escuela Nacional de Danzas (Buenos Aires, Argentina) where she takes ballet and modern dance lessons. Three years later, she begins studying for choreographer in musical theatre at the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina), taking tap dance, jazz, ballet, modern dance, acting and singing lessons, while she works as a dancer in several musicals in Argentina. In 2006 Xenia travels to New York to work on tap dance, jazz and hip-hop at the Broadway Dance Center. In 2004 she combines the dancing with the circus, entering the Escuela de Circo Criollo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), to learn acrobatics, juggling, aerial techniques and acrobalance. Three years later she creates the “Dj Capuzzi & Señorita X” company with her actual partner Fernando Capuzzi.

 Today, Xenia performs with the street show “Disco Delivery, a show made out of love!” in different cities from Argentina and Europe while she works as a choreographer and dancing teacher.